Ecco un Poco Gelato is a Gelato Shop in Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to Ecco un Poco Gelato, a local dessert shop serving the best gelato, pastries and coffee in Los Angeles, CA .

We were inspired to bring the vibrant colors of California sunsets to life doing what we know best - making delicious all-natural authentic Italian gelato. Our skills started by going to the city that started modern gelato, Florence, Italy. With the support and experience from gelato master Vetulio Bondi, we learned the secrets of the real artisanal gelato and have brought those to Los Angeles.

Our values lead to our very own gelato creation! As you probably know by now we take our gelato seriously, making it from scratch using the most natural and fresh ingredients. Every single ingredient present in our recipes was chosen after careful research and analysis, and it’s used because we decided that it was really genuine and necessary. We have no ingredients decided or imposed by some industry, we are totally independent in our choices. We have over 40 flavors of regular, gluten free and vegan gelato to choose from. Our small batch of natural Italian gelato & sorbet is sourced locally and prepared responsibly in Los Angeles in accordance with Traditional Italian Techniques. In addition to our selection of gelato flavors, we also serve many other Italian desserts such as cannoli and waffle cones as well as tea and coffee.

We also take animal welfare and environmental preservation seriously and only use ingredients and products that adhere to this philosophy. We firmly believe in sustainability so we avoid using any kind of packaging or materials made from plastic. Instead, we are committed to only using products that are made from renewable sources and certified compostable. We use bagasse for our gelato cups. What is it? Bagasse is an often incinerated or discarded by-product of sugar production. It is the fiber that remains after extraction of juice from sugarcane. Since bagasse is a waste product, it doesn’t require additional cultivation lands and has no adverse impact on forests.

So if you're looking for your next spot from delicious, gluten-free desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, stop by Ecco un Poco Gelato today!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Family-Owned Business
  • Gluten-Free
  • Natural Italian Gelato
  • No Use of Artificial Flavors
Locations Served
  • Los Angeles, CA