Ron N.
My wife and I happened by this new Gelato shop after shopping and walking home in the neighborhood. What a welcome addition to the neighborhood food scene with arguably the best Gelato we have ever eaten. The owners were friendly and inviting and we look forward to having their Gelato for many years to come. We stopped by yesterday and although we didn't buy anything the owners still insisted on having us try the Gelato. Cannot recommend them enough.
Scott Schwartz
This is some of the best gelato I've had in LA. Very authentic Italian, we will be coming back here forever. They get all their fruits a few blocks away at the farmers market! Personal faves are the salted caramel and cheesecake. Make sure to get the the waffle cone.
Max S.
Legit Italian gelato!!! The pumpkin spice tasted exactly like pumpkin pie. It has real roasted pumpkin in it. And the two folks working there, both named Alex, where as friendly as could be.
Rosa B.
We were in LA for a weekend and walking home from brunch on a hot 93° day when my friend said "what about some gelato" as we noticed the place across the street. Little did we know it was a soft opening. The gelato was super delicious and the place itself is so cute and nice. We noticed there was a "patio" sign so we sat outside. They have a great little area in back and perfect for some insta-worthy pics. I def would recommend coming here. The people were so nice, let us sample everything we wanted and were very welcoming. Wish them the best of luck!
Marco R.
I live in the neighborhood just a few blocks from Ecco un Poco and some of us have been wondering if this place was ever going to open. Well, as they say " All good things come to those who wait" I happened to be walking by Tuesday night and saw the lights on, so I stepped in to see if they were open. The lovely young couple Alessandro and Alejandra greeted me with big smiles and a warm welcome. As I speak a little Italian, we hit it off straight away and Alessandro began to tell me of their commitment to using the freshest ingredients and using methods they learned in Florence. I had several samples, all of which were amazingly delicious, especially the Hazelnut, but in my view the true measure of a great Gelateria is their Pistacchio. Ecco un Poco did not disappoint, as they use the authentic Sicilian Pistachio paste, which has the deepest and richest flavor very rarely found in the U.S. I will be back soon,and will be bringing friends and family along with me. Best of luck to you Alessandro and Alejandra...Tanti Auguri!